COM 225 Small Group Communication

Policies and Procedures

Instructor: David Bodary, Ph.D.         Phone: 512-2572        Fall 2007

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 11:00 - 12:00;

Tuesday & Thursday on-line 10:00 - 11:00 and by appointment

Description of course:

This course focuses on the development of effective small group decision-making and leadership skills, stressing improved methods of self expression and understanding others through learning group communication, theory and participating in small group decision-making experiences.

Purpose for the course:

Objectives of the course:

Upon course completion you should understand conceptually and be able to implement effective small group communication behaviors affecting communication between group members in family, peer group and work contexts.


Small Group and Team Communication 4th Ed. Harris, T.E. & Sherblom, J.C. (2008). Allyn & Bacon Pearson Education.

Assignment expectations:

Standards of evaluations:

A = Excellent 90-100%    B = Good 80-89%     C = Average 70-79%    D = Poor 60-69%    F = Failing Below 60%


Educational support:



In the unlikely instance of a serious medical condition the grade of "I" (Incomplete) can be given. The unfinished exam or assignment must be completed within the first thirty (30) days of the next term. Incompletes are not given out often, the circumstances must be extraordinarily serious. An agreement of the terms of the incomplete must be signed by both the student and instructor and on file before semester end in order for an incomplete to be granted.

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Campus police and security:

The Sinclair Campus Police officers are members of a fully certified police department. This means they are fully authorized to enforce all federal, state and local laws. The most common campus crime relates to theft of unattended property. You are reminded to keep your belongings with you at all times or lock them in lockers available through the Student Government office. If you need to report a crime or locate lost items you should contact the Sinclair Campus Police Department at 512-2700.

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