Group Project #2

Summary: Your group is to identify, analyze, and suggest a possible solution for a problem of significance affecting the college or the community.


1. Everything you hand in is to be typed, double-spaced, using a font close to a 12 point font.

2. Everything you hand in must have the signatures of all group members for the assignment to be graded and for anyone in the group to receive credit.

3. Your are to create a list of each team members name, e-mail and phone number to ensure everyone has multiple means of contacting one another.

4. Everything you turn in is the result of a group effort; thus, I expect the materials to be professional in appearance, well written, and college level. Minor errors in writing or analysis will greatly affect your grade. Anything I deem unacceptable will be returned with no grade attached to be redone. Slipshod or half-hearted work will be utterly ignored.

5. In the end, the groups will be graded competitively, i.e., the best reports get the best grades.

Method: The method you will follow is comprised of several steps. Each step is to be completed thoroughly, precisely, and on time.

I. Problem Identification

Your group is to hand in on one page the following information:

1. The name of the group
2. A list of group members
3. A list of possible problems your team considered
4. A single problem statement decided on by your team members. The problem should be something affecting either students of Sinclair or citizens in our community. This should be a real problem impacting real people with real consequences. Keep in mind Dave's 2-Ms: meaningful and manageable.
This statement must be a simple sentence, direct, and straightforward. I expect these to be done very, very well. Include in your paper an explanation of how the possible problems were generated and how the team decided on which problem to address.
5. The signatures of all group members with their names typed below their signatures.
II. Problem Analysis

Your group is to hand in a multiple page report in which you discuss your analysis of the dynamics of the problem. The report should include a discussion of possible causes and at least three "root" causes determined by your group to be central to the issue. Each team should use either the "fish diagram" or another appropriate analysis tool in an effort to understand the problem.

Be sure to include the signatures of all group members with their names typed below their signatures.

III.  Proposed Solution

Your group will hand in multiple page report in which you advocate for a specific solution for the problem you analyzed. This solution must be affordable, feasible, and fix or significantly address the problem. It is recommended that you utilize and include a RISK analysis in this step. You must address the following:

1. Describe the solution and how it was chosen.
2. Who will implement the solution?
3. How will it be funded?
4. How will the solution fix the problem?
5. What contingencies are included in the solution?
6. When will the solution be implementation?
7. How will the solution be communicated to those impacted?
8. What problems/resistance must be overcome to allow the solution to be implemented?

IV. Final Report

For your final report you will hand in all parts of your project, combined into one, unified report.  You will have all errors fixed, and the report will be a highly professional product.  Think of this as something that could be handed to an "implementation group" who could then pick up where you left off and actually fix the problem.  They would be able to clearly understand the problem dynamics, and the intricacies of the solution.

You will not only hand in your complete problem identification, analysis, and solution, your group will also do a presentation for the rest of the class of no less than 12 minutes and no more than 15 minutes in which you report your findings. This presentation is to be done with professionalism and competence, enlightening the class as to what you have investigated and what you have found. The method and manner of the presentation is up to the group, but as with everything each group member must take an active role and will receive the same grade for the project.

The presentation is to reflect the same or higher level of professionalism you reflect in the report itself. The individual contribution grade will be determined based on an averaging of points designated by the team members according to their assessment of your contribution to the project.


      100 points total for Project #2

Developed by David Bodary
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Last modified: October 28, 2004