Performance Appraisal Interview Assignment

This assignment affords you the opportunity to participate as an interviewee and interviewer in two 15-20 minute performance appraisal interviews. The assignment is worth 100 points (50 points for each interview). Interviews will be video recorded for review by the instructor.

This assignment uses experiences gained earlier in this course as the basis for a performance discussion. Each person will be involved in two interviews, once as the interviewer and once as the interviewee. Your instructor will share the time, date and place of these interviews with you.

Interviewer (Supervisor):

Objective: To lead an appraisal discussion with a person interviewed by your (mock) company.

To prepare: The manager will need the following items.


Interviewee: (Candidate)

Objective: To participate actively in a discussion of your performance as an interviewee in the selection interview process completed earlier in the quarter.

To prepare: The interviewee will need the following items.

Some materials may be borrowed from Interviewing Principles and Practices, by Stewart and Cash.
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Last modified: March 2, 2003