Performance Appraisal Interview Self-Critique
30 Points



This assignment asks you to provide an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses based upon your performance appraisal interview (on videotape). Focus your critique on the elements of interviewing central to the areas of current interest in the term. Consider your ability to help the interviewee feel at ease, to give the interview direction, to establish and maintain a postive climate, encourage the interviewee to share insights, your ability to ask appropriate questions and address specific feedback, to summarize strengths and weaknesses, to encourage the interviewee to identify specific goals, and to close the interview positively.


1. Begin by viewing the video where you are acting in the interviewER role. View your interview once for how you appear (leave the sound off) and a second time for how you sound (turn up the volume). Take notes by keeping a list of strengths and weaknesses.

2. In your typed analysis identify at least four strengths and four weakness and describe how you recognized them through the video, be specific. For instance, "I noticed I failed to establish a postive tone in the opening. Instead I seemed to rush into telling the interviewee what we would be doing and how long it would take." Or a strength perhaps, "I did a good job using questions to lead the interviewee to discuss specific weaknesses and what they want will do to improve this area of weakness. For instance when I asked..."

3. After describing the strengths and weaknesses explain what you can do to ensure the strength if ever you do this type of interview again and what you will do to improve on any area of weakness. For instance, "I've come to realize the power of descriptive statements. In the future I will describe issues that might be improved and allow the interviewee to decide how to best make the improvements rather than simply offer my evaluative comments. This seems to work better, for instance when I said...and Jane said..."

4. Bring your paper to a close with a summary of main points and some closing comment.

Remember your critique should be typed, double spaced and include specific suggestions for improvement. You may get the assignment to me via e-mail anytime but no later than midnight Friday the last day of the quarter.

Some materials may be borrowed from Interviewing Principles and Practices, by Stewart and Cash.
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