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Key Concepts: Chapter 7

The Recruiting Interview (Employer side)

Comprehension of the following key concepts is important to your progress toward content mastery. The definitions provided here, along with additional examples, can be found in the text, Interviewing Principles and Practices, by Stewart and Cash. Consider these terms and how their definitions match your current conceptions of these ideas.

Stages for the employer in the selection interview:

  1. Reviewing EEO Laws
  2. Developing an applicant profile
  3. Locating skilled applicants
  4. Obtaining and reviewing information on applicants
  5. Structuring the interview
  6. Opening the interview
  7. Asking questions
  8. Giving information
  9. Closing the interview
  10. Evaluating the interview

Consider reviewing the Cash-Stewart Interviewing model here

Materials are borrowed from Interviewing Principles and Practices, by Stewart and Cash.

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