Probing Interview Self-Critique
30 Points



This assignment asks you to provide an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses based upon your probing interview (on videotape). Focus your critique on the elements of interviewing central to the areas of current interest in the term. Consider eye contact, voice, nonverbals, language use, organization, structure, questioning, openings and closings and other features you've learned are important.


1. Begin by viewing your video. Locate the video in our "My.Sinclair.Edu" site under the lessons tab. View your interview once for how you appear (leave the sound off) and a second time for how you sound (turn up the volume). Take notes by keeping a list of strengths and weaknesses.

2. In your typed analysis identify at least four strengths and four weakness and describe how you recognized them through the video, be specific. For instance, "I noticed my questioning lacked follow-up. I would ask a question but then failed to follow-up on the relevant information revealed. For instance, when I asked about..."

3. After describing the strengths and weaknesses explain what you can do to ensure the strength in your next interview and what you will do to improve on your area of weakness. For instance, "To avoid the problem of following up I intend to write down areas of interest for follow-up during the interview. I will summarize the interviewees statements in an effort to ensure the accuracy of the information I obtain."

4. Bring your paper to a close with a summary of main points and some closing comment.

Remember your critique should be typed, double spaced and include specific suggestions for improvement. Assignment is due as indicated on the course schedule.

Materials are borrowed from Interviewing Principles and Practices, by Stewart and Cash.
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